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RESCUE ART Becomes Fabric


The Story

Cleaning up a fortunate-for-me paint spill from an experiment by granddaughter Lily yielded many lovely paint-stained paper towels. She had remixed dried up blue paint, water, glue, and we are not sure what else. The result was a lovely turquoise that spilled on a white carpet. After collecting three grocery bags of wadded up wet paper towels, I smoothed out the towels and placed tissue paper between the layers, added a few used and rinsed white coffee filters from the morning's coffee, and let it all dry overnight. I had quite a treasure and called it "Lily Blue."

Introducing New Fabric Designs

Tea towels, tote bags, pillows, and scarves thus far. Thanks for looking!


Applied Paper and Thread on Canvas

This is the beginning of a nursery art canvas.

Hand painted tissue paper using three colors is adhered to the canvas. Think tie-dye!

Channel your best Eric Carle! 


COLOR YOUR OWN "Tiny Bouquets"


Hand drawn note cards and single size art.


Looking for a gift for your favorite colorist?

The art is inspired by a bouquet from my gardening and artist neighbor Mr. Thom when he knew I needed a boost. I was deciding what to do with my unsold Flow Blue note cards, trying not to feel that failure that lurks in the heads of self-taught artists.


Thom grew zinnias from seed. These organized little flowers with their big leaves have lovely colors of poppy, bubblegum pink, rose, grape, magenta, tangerine, ivory, raspberry, yellow, and berry red. As a thank you, I did a

quick pen and ink sketch with a touch of watercolor. He framed it and hung it in his morning room. I was touched.


And then the idea blossomed. 


The Flow Blue china vases and little hearts are hand cut and upcycled from those Flow Blue tea cup note cards that were stressing me so much. The cards were my first venture into photographing my personal china and vintage tablecloth collection and making note cards. It was exciting to work with a professional printer and tour the plant. And while it was a better price point to print SOOOOO many cards, my early marketing skills left quite a few in inventory. Which now is a good problem to have because I've found a new way to use those many unsold cards. Thank you, Thom, for the inspiration. 


Meet Freddie


Freddie is the children's host at "The Grand SandCastle Resort and Spa"  -- my story for the cousins at their Thanksgiving 2016 family gathering.


"Freddie at The Grand" is the fourth in my Family Reunion stories in which each cousin and other family members have parts to contribute.


See the pictures below for images from my stories.


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