Blankets, Pillows, Tote Bags, Scarves, Tea Towels cut and sewn from my designed fabric. 


Alphabet Train Poster

This 18x24 poster comes to you ready to personalize. For the train tracks, I used my favorite kid activities for "words to live by." You add your child's name and picture to the engine.

     All train cars and poster design are my original art. Printed by R-T Art, Orlando, Florida.

     Use the poster to decorate a nursery, a child's room, give as a new baby gift, or toddler birthday present. Add siblings and cousins pictures. One of my favorite ways to use this poster? Give it to your teacher, pediatrician, or obstetrician as a thank you gift. My internist is also a pediatrician. He loved his poster with his picture in the engine!

     Click on the poster to visit ApplestarrStudio on Etsy. Thanks for looking!

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