Do you remember your excitement the first time you cut an apple differently and found the star?

My art explores keeping that wonder. Colorful, whimsical art, fabric and surface design. 



"A New Day, Ocean Sunrise"


Focus on the horizon, find the ocean, and the explosion of color becomes an ocean sunrise. A new day!


In this difficult and often lonely Covid-19 crisis, there is optimism and joy to be found. While experimenting with pouring paint on a large 30" x 40" mid-grade unprepped canvas, a sunrise appeared. The finished painting reminded me of glorious sunrises framed by palm trees that I've photographed at Vero Beach, Florida. As the pandemic  dragged on into months, looking at this painting made me happy. I photographed the image and digitally played around with it to see if I could design a poster. I certainly had the time!


You may not see what I see in this explosion of color, but I trust that the thought or memory of an ocean sunrise brings you a sense of peace and joy in these times. Focus on the horizon.


Posters available on my Etsy shop.

Alphabet Train Quilt


My original alphabet train design now is a hand-quilted baby or toddler quilt.

Available on my Etsy shop.




My latest design! A little bear lovey for babies and toddlers. Printed on Spoonflower's

luscious minky fabric. Pickles is now available in my Etsy shop.

Going on a Rhine River Cruise? Look at this travel keepsake.


Unique and personalized to your trip. This travel wrap is my original design printed

on soft modern jersey fabric.

Poured Sunrise 

January 2019. A new-to-me medium of pouring thin acrylic paint on a canvas

and moving the canvas back and forth to see where the paint wants to go.


The story behind the Story Drapes

I've always liked the fabric with the writing that one can't read because what looks like words, really aren't.  After buying a yard of fabric with such a design to test the color I needed, it wasn't available when I returned to the store. So I decided to design my own. New to Adobe Illustrator and with Spoonflower's wide range of colors, I managed to design a panel using part of a story I'd written. The story is "Art Class," one of my Family Reunion series.  The granddaughter for whom this story is dedicated read the drapes when she was visiting and said "That's me talking. Aunt Holly loves Pierre!" 


From Canvas to Fabric. 

Designs from my original art are printed by Spoonflower in Durham, North Carolina, the fabric and surface printer. The "Alphabet Train" poster has moved to a toddler reading blanket.




I WAS PUBLISHED IN Somerset Apprentice, Spring 2017. What a delight for my "coffee filter sand castle art" to be published in one of the beautifully photographed and edited publications from The Stampington and Co.

A point of funny personal privilege ... One of my young granddaughters innocently asked one of her mother's friends, "My grandmother is an artist and my grandpa works at Walt Disney World. What do you do all day?" 

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